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Sculptor at Self Employed, Devon

A creative and forward-thinking Senior Stonemason and sculptor with extensive industry experience and a proven ability to deliver projects and commissions within deadlines for clients worldwide. Confident managing a demanding workload whilst maintaining quality and detail of finished work. Communicates effectively with colleagues and clients alike and enjoys sharing expertise with others to help them learn and progress.

•  Enthusiastic problem solving attitude.
•  Creative minded with Fine arts and design

Delamore 2023

Growing up on a working farm on rural Dartmoor has been the backbone behind my magnetism towards stone and its permanence within the landscape.

As a sculptor and stonemason back living and working on Dartmoor, the practise of shaping limestone, marble and granite is an important meditative process for me. I predominantly make abstract geometric sculpture.

Looking through stone has always been an aspiration, as the core is rarely seen in a sculpture, and this has become a key subject in my work. Coming from a background in DJing for many years, listening to music is fundamental to allow me to access my imagination and become open to express myself through carving.

Studying geology, music and fine art, with a deep-rooted curiosity in natural wonders, my work has many links to geometry, and the diversity of natural forms. Symmetry, balance and fragility are distinct themes in my work, as I continue to explore and experiment with range of vibrant and varied stone types. While carving, decisions and actions are constantly evolving while exploring and pushing the stones possibilities and limits.

My work is best viewed from all directions and presents diverse qualities from different angles. Allowing the viewer to see how the sculpture appears connected geometrically. The series, “Good Vibrations” is carved from a cube, with three interconnecting sides making up the six sides. The form appears fluid and geometric, with the sculpture changing form as it is walked around and viewed from different angles. It is positioned on an axis to allow the viewer to see how the light shines through the stone, creating an everchanging appearance.

I have had my sculpture selected for exhibitions in London and throughout the UK, and I undertake private and public commissions.



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Devon, United Kingdom


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